Ink Cartridge
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Ink Cartridge

    1. Precautions for printing on natural nail

    1.1 When printing natural nail, please keep your finger horizontal.

    1.2 Upwardly raised finger may touch the ink cartridge nozzle, and the uncured print gel on the nail surface may block the ink cartridge nozzle.

    1.3 The bent finger is too far away from the ink cartridge nozzle, causing the printed pattern to be unclear.



    1. Precautions for printing on nail tip

    When printing the nail tip, please use a thinner double-sided adhesive to stick the nail tip onto the nail holder and keep the nail tip in horizontal.

    1. Daily maintenance of ink cartridge
      • Please store the ink cartridge at room temperature (15 ℃-35 ℃) and avoid direct sunlight.
      • The shelf life of brand new ink cartridge is 13 months, and the expired ink cartridge may loss some colors.
      • Opened ink cartridge is recommended to be printed at least twice a weekto maintain the active state of the ink cartridge nozzle. If the ink cartridge is not used for more than 7 days , there may be some nozzle blockage, resulting in color loss. In addition, after the ink cartridge is opened, there is a slow evaporation of ink, and the validity period is shortened to within 6 months.
      • If the nail or nail tip accidentally touch the ink cartridge during use, please take out the cartridge immediately and clean the ink cartridge nozzle to avoid permanent blockage.
      • Cleaning methods for ink cartridge:

    (1)Take a soft tissue and fold 2-3 times;

    (2)Press the ink cartridge nozzle on the tissue several times;

    (3)If the three colors on the tissue are clear and vivid, it indicates that the ink cartridge cleaning is complete. If the color cannot be restored, the ink cartridge needs to be replaced.


    Due to the different colors of printed patterns, the three primary colors in the ink cartridge are not uniformly consumed, which may also cause color loss during normal use.