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  1. Whats nail printer?
A nail printer is a machine that can print any color or pattern on natural nails or artificial nail tips.
  1. Whats the difference between each model?
We offer three types of nail printers: portable, mobile, and desktop desktop nail printer.
M1, H1 are portable nail printer;
V11, X11 are mobile nail printer;
V12, X11 PLUS, and X12.5 are desktop nail printer.
Different size in each model
  1. Portable printers are in smallest size
  2. Mobile printers are in medium size
  3. Desktop printers are in largest size
Difference of working power supply
  1. Portable nail printers work with power bank, or power adapter.
  2. Mobile nail printers work with the power adapter.
  3. Desktop nail printers work under AC110-240V.
The difference of ink cartridge volume
  1. Portable nail printers is using FM10 cartridge. It has a small volume. It can print around 450 nails.
  2. Mobile and desktop nail printers is using SM10 cartridge. It has a big volume. It can print around 1000 nails.
Application Scenes
  1. Portable nail printers can be used for home or nail salon purposes.
  2. Mobile nail printers can be used for nail salon purposes.
  3. Desktop nail printers can be used for every women-consumption scene, and the exteriors are customizable.
Difference for using the APP
  1. For the portable or mobile nail printers, you can download the APP in the mobile phone or the pad, and operate in the wireless way. But the APP is not customizable.
  2. For the desktop nail printers, the APP has been pre-installed in the factory, and the machine has been integrated with touch screen for easy operation. The APP is customizable.
  1. Whats the functions of O2NAILS APP?
Sources of patterns
  1. Small quantity of patterns has been pre-installed for entry-level and testing.
  2. Download the patterns published periodically from the Nail Style Store, the official website store.
  3. Download the patterns with the official Download Code.
  4. Download the patterns with the Download Code provided by the third party.
  5. Import pictures or images from the album of your mobile phone.
DIY patterns
  1. Import any pictures from the mobile phone album as the printing content.
  2. Zoom in, zoom out, rotate and move pictures, and regulate the brightness and contrast etc..
  3. Capture any part of the picture as the printing pattern through the standard size template.
Printing of patterns
  1. You can observe the real-time image of the nail or the position and size.
  2. You can select patterns to be printed from the pre-selected area.
  3. You can adjust the position and size of the pattern to be printed on the nail or the nail tip, confirm and start to print.
Classification of the pattern gallery
  1. All Galleries
  2. User-defined gallery
  3. Official or third-party set-up gallery
Settings and management
  1. Language
  2. Printing setting, test, calibration
  3. Version update
  4. Guides and tutorials
  5. Personal center
  1. Whats the cost for manicuring a pair of hands?
The cost for retail price ranges from USD 0.69-0.99 (excluding ornaments) for all materials needed to complete the whole manicuring procedures, including base gel, color gel, print gel, ink cartridge, and top gel, based on pattern printing for 4 nail tips and color printing for 6 nail tips.
  1. Whats the quality of the nail printer?
  1. The nail printers have a design life of 10 years (life cycle), similar to ordinary printers.
  2. Pass FCC and CE certifications.
  3. Unqualified product rate is 0.5%.
  4. Since 2003, our nail printers have experienced technical iteration, improvement and user verification.
  1. What is the warranty policy?
  1. 1 year free warranty service for end-users;
  2. Free warranty service for end-users provided by distributor in his/her territory. For territories without a distributor, we offer distant diagnosis and instructions, and replace spare parts free of charge while the user bears the freight.
  3. In the case the nail printer needs to be returned for repair, each party will bear the transportation costs for their part.
  1. What is the focus of the end users' daily maintenance?
End-users should focus on mastering the correct operation process, correct installation, replacement, and cleaning methods of ink cartridges.
  1. Which consumables can I purchase myself?
Ink cartridges and print gel are the only specialized consumables for the nail printer. For other consumables, you can purchase them from the market.
  1. When will the patterns be updated in the APP?
The patterns will be updated at least two new styles per month.
  1. How can I obtain more patterns?
  1. Download from the public Download Code provided in the manual.
  2. Download free patterns from the Nail Pattern Store in the APP.
  3. Download from the official Download Code.
  4. Download from a third-party Download Code.
  5. Collect online pictures, save them to your mobile phone, import them to the APP, and print DIY patterns.